Phone scams

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These seem to be resurfacing, although they probably never went away.

We have had 3 customers this last week who have received phone calls from someone claiming to be representing Microsoft, saying they have detected problems with their computer. One of these was particularly convincing as they talked the customer into a procedure that showed their Windows product key and then read out the exact same key over the phone. One customer allowed the caller to take over her computer by downloading some software to enable this. Luckily she did become suspicious and ended the call, but not before the caller managed to lock her out of her computer with a password, which we managed to remove.

Please be aware that Microsoft will never call anyone. They do not have the capacity to be monitoring people’s computers for problems and contacting them about it, even via another company claiming to be doing it on their behalf. if in doubt, tell the caller you need to speak to someone about it. call a family member or frined, or us.

Don’t get caught out as these people will get to the point of asking you for money to fix a non-existant problem or for a support contract that is worthless, because they won’t do anythign if you do have any genuine problems once they have taken your money.