TalkTalk customers be alert!!

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As you may know, there has been a significant cyber-attack on the TalkTalk website, which could compromise the personal details of its 4 million UK customers.

So, how may this affect customers? Not only will the hackers have access to your credit card details, the personal information they may access means there is a risk of them using this information to contact customers, claiming to be from TalkTalk. They could talk customers in to handing over passwords and bank details. They could use customers’ email addresses to send fake emails from TalkTalk that ask them to log in to change their password. This would link to a fake website so they can steal the usernames and passwords. Customers have been advised to be extra cautious over the next few months, checking their bank account regularly. The hackers could start by taking a small amount from an account to try out the theft, as a sudden large transaction could trigger security settings to block it. Also, the hackers only need to steal a few pounds from a million customers to have a lot of money.

If in any doubt, do not click on any links in emails from TalkTalk. Do not divulge any information in any phone calls. TalkTalk have said they will contact customers so this will make it difficult to know if they are genuine or not. Tell the caller you will call back yourself. Find the genuine TalkTalk customer services number and call back at least 10 minutes later, as spoof phone callers are known to hold the line then answer the phone as the person thinks they are ringing out.

The TalkTalk number to call is 0870 444 1820. do not call any other number given to you in an email or via a phone call.

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