NHS Ransomware Attack

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Most people will have seen by now that the NHS was hit by a ransomware attack. Read more here.

This was probably unleashed by someone opening a harmless looking email and clicking on a link to a site that would have installed the virus. Whilst this virus is not that difficult to remove, it wreaks havoc on computers and encrypts all data, including documents and pictures. A warning is displayed, asking for money to unencrypt the files. The problem with this is that by handing over money you can’t be certain the people behind it will hand over the necessary encryption key to recover your data.

Whilst having a decent anti-virus program running should prevent this from happening, not to mention avoiding clickin links in unsolicited emails or opening attachments, having a regular backup in place allows for recovery of valuable data if this happens. Having a removable hard drive connected is also at risk, as some of these viruses look for such devices and also encrypt anything stored on them. An automated online backup is one way to restore your files and get back up and running within minutes. Our secure online backup is available for as little as £7.50 per month. This backs up data in a secure location off-site so that in the event of fire, theft, flood, virus attack etc your data will still be safe. There is also an additional service that allows you to store files so they also appear on other computers (similar to Dropbox) and send large files to other people that would be too large to send as email attachments.