LaptopWe repair laptops at realistic prices and with rapid turn-around times.

Common repairs include:

Loose or broken power connections
– The socket where the charger is plugged into the laptop easily breaks due to wear and tear or mistreatment. A good indication this has broken is when you wiggle the charger or hold it in a certain position for it to work. This needs fixing and will only get worse the more you wiggle the connection. we can resolder the connections on most cases. For those connections that are beyond repair we can supply new connectors and solder them to the motherboard.

Broken or faulty screens

– If the image has virtually disappeared and can barely be seen, you are likely to need a new backlight or inverter. We will test your system and identify which you need and can supply replacements.

– Screens that have lines horizontal and/or vertical lines appearing are likely to need replacing. We can test to identify whether the fault lies with the screen or another component.

– Broken screens caused by dropping the laptop or some other impact can be supplied and replaced. We can supply and fit laptop screens for any make and model of laptop.

Hard drive replacement
Like their desktop counterparts, laptop hard drives do fail and need replacing. Prices are similar to supplying and fitting a new hard drive to a desktop computer, depending on the capacity, so don’t be told otherwise. For example, Sony don’t make their own hard drives, they use other brands, so they don’t need to cost three times as much as any other brand laptop.

Data recovery
The hardest part when replacing a hard drive can be recovering data. We are able to recover data from damaged or corrupted hard drives in most cases. If we are unable to recover the data we will not charge the customer.

Of course you could always prevent the potential for the dread of losing your data by signing up for our automatic online backup. For only £7.50 per month we can back up an unlimited amount of data securely. This is easily recovered in the event of corrupted hard drives or accidental deletion of files.

We also repair liquid damaged laptops and prepare reports for insurance claims for those that cannot be rescued. Whatever, you do, DO NOT TURN ON YOUR LAPTOP if you have spilled liquid on it. Unplug the power connector and remove the battery immediately and contact us.

If you have a problem with your laptop, please contact us to arrange for a repair.